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Abrasive cutting

Tianqi Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 26, 2016

This method use the high-speed rotation of the grinding wheel cutting steel. Grinding wheel is made of fibres, resins, rubber glue abrasive. In skilled manual operation, the wheel can be quickly and accurately cut and cut clean, Burr-free. Use wheel for straight cutting only, but this is sufficient for most uses.

Grinding wheels are usually used for cutting pipes. Processing plants also use grinding without a long Groove.

On-site repair usually hand grinder. However, when you use a hand grinder produces large amounts of dust and "scrap steel, you need to dust removal or protection device. Grinding machines used in the factory generally have a cooling system, which can both reduce dust and prevent heat damage to the material.

Installation locations

1, Sanders's opening direction should as far as possible toward the wall, not being on the walkway or near equipment and operating personnel;

2, if the grinder is installed in the device near or along the passage from the grinder opening 1~1.5M should set 1.8M high metal mesh shielded isolation;

3, grinding machines shall be installed in corrosive gases or flammable and explosive places;

4, wheel drive installation sites should be surface dry;

5, the grinder using the site should ensure adequate illuminance

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