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Wheel handling and storage

Tianqi Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 26, 2016

1. are breakable and handling must be handled with care to prevent shattered and damaged.

2. grinding wheels should be kept on the shelf or box magazines, avoid wet.

3. resin-bonded grinding wheel should not be in contact with alkaline substances, stored for more than a year later, must undergo rotational strength test, candidates may be used.

Safety requirements

1. Chuck diameter shall not be installed less than diameter of one-third. Cut off wheel with wheel Chuck diameter shall not be installed less than diameter of one-fourth.

2. any form of wheel chucks, the left and the diameter of the part and the clamping surface radial width dimension must be equal.

3. grinding wheel surface of the Chuck should ensure the smooth and without sharp edges, and well balanced.

4. grinding machine all Rotary parts, such as wheels, motors, pulleys, and artifacts, you must install the protective cover. Shield should have a firm, its connection strength shall not be less than the strength of the shield.

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