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Cooling Effect Of Optical Fiber Disc

Tianqi Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

Optical fiber disk in the existing coil heat dissipation technology used for fiber laser gain fiber, there are two main methods, one is to put the gain fiber and the connected device into a container and adopt the whole glue seal method, which can guarantee the heat dissipation, Fiber Disc but its shortcomings are also obvious, that is, once the part of the device problems, it will cause maintenance inconvenience can even be said to be unable to maintain, can only be discarded part of the whole, resulting in unnecessary waste; the second is to coil the gain fiber on the optical fiber tray There are also two approaches, one is the use of light cylindrical surface, Fiber Disc fiber and cylindrical surface between the post double-sided adhesive, but this practice is not only inconvenient, and the heat dissipation effect is not good; another approach is to make a threaded groove on the fiber-optic disc cylinder, but most of the slots open very deep and only open on the cylindrical surface, Fiber Disc the need to gain fiber end of the pump light dumping point from the fiber plate to lead to a separate disposal, resulting in partial gain optical fiber or the need for special heat treatment of the optical fiber, in short, The structure is complex and is not conducive to different lengths of fiber from any location.

A fiber optic disc comprising a top and a cylindrical surface connected to the top surface, the optical fiber disc comprises a separating groove arranged around a cylindrical surface, an arc groove disposed on the top edge, and a transition groove connected between an arc groove and a separator groove, Fiber Disc wherein a pump light dump point is arranged in the arc groove. The further improvement of the invention is that the separator groove is a rectangular thread groove. The further improvement of the invention is that the separator groove is provided with a rounded angle. The invention further improves that the arc groove is arranged on the top edge of the fiber disc. The invention further improves that the two ends of the transition groove are connected with the groove and the separator groove respectively. Fiber Disc The further improvement of the present invention is that the optical fiber disc is provided with a plurality of countersunk head slots, wherein the countersunk head groove is evenly arranged along the circumference direction of the top plane. The further improvement of the invention is that the optical fiber disc is made of aluminum alloy or copper. The further improvement of the invention is that the cylindrical surface of the optical fiber disc is coated with a heat-dissipating adhesive. Compared with the existing technology, the optical fiber disk structure of the invention is compact and practical, and the heat dissipation is good, and the winding work of the optical fiber can be made easier, Fiber Disc and the fiber tap can be induced without damage at any position, which can provide a powerful guarantee for the convenient integration and long-term stable operation of laser.

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